【ZINE】Recipebook#1 Classic Sweets

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イラストレーター 北野あさみによる初のレシピブック。


This is the first recipe book by illustrator Asami Kitano.
The author introduces various classic sweets recipes with nostalgic illustrations, such as "doughnuts," which she used to make with her mother when she was a child, "strawberry shortcake" for her husband's birthday, "ohagi," which she tried for the first time in her life, and "cream puffs" without using any sugar. and many more with nostalgic illustrations.

This book will remind you of a picture book you read somewhere when you were a child... This book will hit your nostalgia antenna.

出版年: 2022
ページ: 36 pages
サイズ: 210×297mm
言語: 英語 / English

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